Unity in Diversity – Anita Euschen | CARE-2017


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CARE-2017 provided a three day platform for those active in the animal rights movement to present and exchange their work and ideas. VGT hosts an animal rights conference every three years.

Animal rights or animal welfare? Grassroot or lobbying? Purist or pragmatist? Absolutely right or totally wrong? Is there a middle way?

Do we all agree on all points or have our personal opinion? And is our opinion the absolute truth, or do we allow others to not think alike? Despite having different opinions – shouldn't we all stick together – for the animals? This movement needs powerful activists for influential activism, on all levels. We can only be successful if we stand united. We have several AR leaders, for all levels, for all our different ways of thinking. And in the end, we all have the same goal: Until every cage is empty! Animal rights now! Make the world go vegan! Join this talk on the potential of every single activist, empowerment of activism in general and why we are all ok. Because the question is:

How can we overcome the conflicts and unite, despite our differences in thinking.

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