Intersectionality and AR Activism – Lena Remich | CARE-2017


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CARE-2017 provided a three day platform for those active in the animal rights movement to present and exchange their work and ideas. VGT hosts an animal rights conference every three years.

Intersectionality is a concept coined to shed light on the oppression of indivuduals by various groups of oppressors and various categories about themselves. As a tool for understanding injustice intersectionality was first used to describe the experience of women of color, who faced both racism and sexism simultaneously. In recent times intersectionality is increasingly used in the context of similarities between different types of oppression, for example racism and speciesism.

In my talk I will cover some insights into how to properly understand and use the concept of intersectionality and how it can inform our activism to combat all forms of oppression and injustice.

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